Saturday, June 21, 2008


Once again I was able to accompany Dustin on a great shoot. We went to SLC for some night engagements! I loved doing this! Night engagements take a lot more time, but are totally worth it. We did some pictures before the sun went completely down. Then we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading out in the night. The couple is so fun and energetic! Their wedding sounds like it is going to be amazing! Dustin is truly lucky to be in the profession he is in, especially with his talent! Here are some of my favorites from the night.


Dustin Izatt said...

Sweet stuff Mrs. Peterson :) Keep up the great work.


Shanda Petersen said...

You know you were my inspiration on these... Since you totally set everything up! LOL! Don't worry though I will try my own stuff out. :)

Sky & Steph said...

Nice job sweatie!! You are so talented!! I wish I could do what you do :(

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