Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colton and Melanie

I was so excited to do this shoot! Colton and Melanie are way close friends of ours and I knew their pictures were going to be great! Randy even came along too to help me make sure everything was perfect. Colton and Melanie are seriously so cute together! They made every picture so amazing that I have had the hardest time trying to decide what to put on my blog. I love all of these in color because everything is so vibrant! This is going to be one long post for sure! I hope you guys are ready for this because these pictures are super hot! They both work for Corvette Recycling and have a love for the cars. When we met up I was so stoked that they brought a Corvette to do pictures with! (I totally have a thing for fast cars, I'm not going to lie!) It totally took the pictures to a new level! Everything about this shoot was amazing! The skies were ridiculously blue, the car was awesome, and the couple was totally hot! Thanks Coloton and Mel for being so gorgeous and making this shoot rock!

Ok are you ready? You better be because here they come!


Chelsi said...

i like the making out on the car ones!

Sky & Steph said...

What cute pictures my friend!! You do such an awesome job with photography!! I can't wait to see more, yay!

Randi Burton said...

Love them! I love that you are so freaking creative!

CJ Kelson said...

Those are awesome pics Shanda! I absolutly love the pic where its of the car and their faces are in the side mirror that is the neatest, most unique pic I've ever seen.

Shanda Petersen said...

Thanks everyone! I am so lucky to have all the support and encouragement that I have! You guys all rock!

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