Monday, September 15, 2008

Steph, Skyler and Baby

Steph and Skyler were so much fun to be with. You can tell that they have such a blast with each other and are so in love. They are going to make great parents! I can't wait until their bundle of joy is finally here! Steph is so cute preggers and Skyler just adores her. Check out how she worked the camera! They made this shoot so much fun and so easy. I am so happy to be able to capture their special memories for them. Here are some of my favorites!


Sky & Steph said...

Love love LOVE THEM!! You rock my socks off little miss!! Seriously you are so so talented!! I think one of my favorite ones is the one with just Skyler resting his head on my belly, it is so sweet, I love it!! I am just blown away, YEAH!

Tiffany Izatt said...

Adorable, these look awesome!

Jennifer Fisher said...

I know I called and told you what an awesome job you did, but I thought that I would just tell you again. YOUR AMAZING.

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