Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cassiejo and Payton

Cassiejo and Payton are so cute together! Cassie loves Payton so much and takes such great care of him. Payton just turned 3 years old and is so smart! It is amazing how much he knows! He is so cute and should honestly do child modeling! Payton was so cute about getting his clothes wet since we shot in the rain. He is all about keeping clean! As all little kiddos start to get bored with their pictures so did Payton. Thank goodness we had Grandma there to make sure Payton was doing his best smiles! I love the emotion in Cassie and Payton's pictures as they are interacting. You just can't get a better feeling of love, than the love between a child and their mom! Payton adores Cassie and has her wrapped around his finger! It was so hard to pick out of all the great pictures but here are a couple of my faves!

Thanks Caj for being such a good sport with the rain!


Chelsi said...

Way cute!! Did she go to Weber?

Sky & Steph said...

So cute!! I'm glad I got to see Cass's cute little boy, awesome job!

Jennifer Fisher said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are so freaking cute. Hopefully one day you can take mine and Owen's pictures. Soon as I get some fundage I'll definately be bugging you.

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