Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gorgeous Mikinlee

Mikinlee is the cutest little thing ever! She was such a blast to take pictures of. As soon as Lindsay showed her my shoes with the buckles she was totally ok with me taking her picture! She is such a girly girl! Mikinlee loves all animals. They have around 5 horses and she even had her own pony! Mikinlee is so beautiful and so much fun. It was so cool to take pictures of her in the dress that her mom wore when she was little. The dress is about 50 years old! She did so well, but towards the end of the shoot she was ready to be done, so we had to find a way to entertain her. I had a sucker in my purse and we gave it to her. Mikinlee had never had a sucker and was so funny eating it! She is so adorable and so smart! She kept signing more because we would take the sucker away for pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lindsay! I hope you like the pictures and I can't wait to do your family pictures too!


Chelsi said...

again, absolutely amazing!!! wow!

Randi Burton said...

How dang cute is she?! Those turned out really good Shanda. I love them!

Tiffany Izatt said...

Oh my cuteness!!! Love them, these are so freaking adorable!

Sky & Steph said...

Oh my heck!! Such cute pictures!! I can't wait for you to take our little girl's pictures :) Yay!! So amazing!!

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