Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ryan, Lindsay and Mikinlee

Ryan, Lindsay and Mikinlee are the most beautiful family! The are such a blast to be around and make taking their picture so easy! I love how cute their family is together! They even brought their dog to get in the pictures. Mikinlee was such a good sport through it all. I just love that little girl! And Ryan and Lindsay, I must say, are totally hot together! Look at their couple shots! ;) They chose such a great location! Everywhere we went the scenery and leaves were amazing! Thanks you guys for making it so fun! I can't wait to do your pictures next year!

Check out their stunning family pictures!


CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

Look at you!!! I am so proud of my towel head!! Your pictures are beautiful! How is it going? do you love it?

Sky & Steph said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Love them! Where were these taken?!

Christi said...

Could their little girl be any cuter! Seriously, she is to die for! What a cute family! Those are some great family pics, and everyone of your post's has a different look and feel to them. I can't wait to have ours done! Christi

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