Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danyle, Brett and Benson

My friend Danyle wanted some new family pictures for their Christmas cards. Benson is so cute and is all boy. He just wanted to play and explore! We lucked out though and were able to keep his attention enough to get some pretty good ones of him! They are such a cute family! Brett and Danyle act like they are still newly weds and it is so fun to watch them interact! You can feel the love that they have for each other. Even though it was completely foggy when we headed up the canyon to get some picts, things worked our way and we found a great spot! I loved this shoot and the great pictures that I was able to get. Check out my faves!


Christi said...

I love them! You got some great shots!! Benson is so dang cute and you totally captured Brett and Danyle's personalities. I can't wait to get our family pictures taken by you. If they turn out even half that good, I will be thrilled! Christi

Jennifer Fisher said...

Shanda you do such an awesome job. I know I've told you before that I want you to take mine and Owen's pictures and I still want you to. I for sure want you to take our pictures when Owen turns 1 which will be the end of February. Hope thats okay.

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