Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steve + Penny = Halloween Wedding

This wedding can only be described as one of a kind! I loved every detail that Steve and Penny put together for their perfect day! They made sure there was spooky decor from the ceremony, to the reception, and all the way to the haunted house they put on at the end of the night. There was even a black cat that hung out the whole night. Normally that would be considered bad luck, but when you are getting married on Halloween it can only mean good luck! I was so excited to shoot this wedding since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love when people go over and beyond for their wedding day and this one was amazing! Everyone was in costume sticking to the Halloween theme, including me and Randy and yes even the bride and groom! They even had pets that were in costume. I thought that Randy and I were hard core Halloweeners, but these guys take the cake! Literally, their wedding cake was even spooked out! Penny and Steve are such a perfect match for each other. They just blend so well and make each other laugh! They actually didn't tell each other what they were going to dress up as for their costumes. I love that Steve was a penguin because they only mate once and for life! Penny was going for a Corpse Bride theme, which Steve actually recited the same vows as in the movie, without knowing that was Penny's costume! There were so many things that had meaning behind them. I am so glad that I was able to capture this special day for you guys and will remember this wedding for years to come! Thank you for making my Halloween awesome! Check out my faves!

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Oakstream Photography said...

I shot a Halloween wedding when I was first starting out for my sister-in-law & OMGOSH it is soo fun!!!! These are GREAT. LOVE the ring shot...WAY COOL!!!!!!!

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