Thursday, June 4, 2009

Christi and Bryce Family

Christi and Bryce were a blast to do pictures with! There little girl Abby is so cute! I just love her face! We found some awesome spots to do pictures for their little family. Abby did so good smiling in all of the pictures it was killing me. I think Christi was getting more of a kick out of me being a goof than anything! Christi and Bryce are so perfect for each other. Check out their hotness below! Here are the faves as always! 


Christi said...

Shanda, you did such an amazing job on our pictures!! I love them, each and every one! You did such a great job capturing Abby's personality! Now I have pictures to remember all her funny faces, and adorable smiles! I love your face!!! (And your camera!)

Brett, Dany and family said...

Those are sooo cute! Christi has such a cute family! You are an amazing photographer. Love ya!

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