Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brother Clawson

Brother Clawson was such a blast to do pictures with. He said that he didn't know how to act in front of the camera, but the pictures say different! He was so excited to go on his mission. I know he will do great. He has such a fun personality and is so energetic! What an amazing kid! I had to put my favorite picture on here first because I LOVE it! Here are my faves!


Brett, Dany and family said...

Shanda, you are seriously so talented!! We need to get ours taken again for our Christmas card. Let me know when you want to take on that task again :)

Hailey Jones said...

Wow Shanda!!! Those are AMAZING pics! I'm sure he and his family will cherish those FOREVER!!! Good job!!! Never have I seen missionary photos that moving!

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