Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Pictures

I must admit that even though I do photography all the time, I really have never taken the time to get my family together to do a new family picture. We were sitting at my parents house for New Years eating dinner. I looked around at our family and saw how much it had changed. I remembered the days when it was just my siblings and I and our parents. Now we have little ones and spouses that share the holidays with us. Then I noticed the family pictures that my mom had displayed around the house. All of them were from so long ago. The last sister picture was from when I had just graduated high school. Shayley in that picture was so tiny. My parents only had a picture of the two of them from when Golden was married. I couldn't believe that I had let all of these special changes in our lives slip away without capturing them. 

That was the breaking point for me. I right then and there told everyone (told them, not asked) that we were going to do family pictures. I got everything together, from the location and time to what everyone was going to wear. I can't express to you how grateful I am for these pictures. I love this first one that we took. It shows everyones stages of life. You have Golden with his growing family, Randy and I with each other just starting our journey, mom and dad with Chase and Shayley still at home and each other, Jeremy growing up and trying to figure out where he is going with his life, and Tiffany with her beautiful little girls that are the joy of her life. I now how beautiful pictures of my parents together still so in love after all these years, how gorgeous my siblings all are, and of all the new little grandkids that make all of our lives so happy.

I went to a photography work shop the other day with Sandy Puc. She talked about how we capture peoples lives as photographers. I can't help but tear up as I think about it. She stated that long after these beautiful people in our lives are gone the pictures are what others will have to remember them by. That hits me so hard everytime I think about it. I am able to create a freeze in time so that others, long after we are gone can look at these people that helped them to get here. I am so glad that I am the one to be able to freeze time in my own family and hold onto it. 

If you realize the same thing that I did, please don't wait. Make sure you get these moments that pass us by so quickly captured. You never know when you will lose someone so dear to you. 

My Family, My Existance...

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