Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ayden and family! - Utah Child Photographer

Ayden is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. It might be just me, but the amount of love that radiates from these two is SO obvious for him. Kelly and Shane are such a gorgeous couple, it's no wonder that Ayden is absolutely the cutest thing. He is totally going to be a heart breaker when he grows up. I loved during this shoot that Kelly and Shane seemed just as in love as when they were dating. You can tell that they make each other a priority in their life and yet work together to bring up such a handsome little boy. Ayden has honestly the sweetest little personality. When I first arrived he would just stare at me and you could just see in those dark brown eyes he was trying to get a feel for me. Don't worry he loves me now! During our shoot he would reach out for me cause he wanted to get me, which just melted my heart. I had to put a little bit of all the adorable faces that he would pull throughout the shoot. I feel it completely shows off his personality. Kelly and Shane you guys are such a bomb shell couple! It was so nice to catch up and see you! Your son is adorable and I can't wait for fall and your next pictures with the new puppies.

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