Friday, May 21, 2010

Jeff and Brad-Utah Senior Photography

Jeff and Brad are twins. They couldn't be more different though. They both have such different personalities. I loved being able to see that come out in the clothing that they brought for the shoot. They are alike in some ways at the same time though. The main way is how sweet they are. They both were so willing to do whatever I asked. Even if it meant freezing while a hail storm came over us. The other main way they are alike as I am sure you can tell is they are both very attractive young men. Young ladies you should grab these two up! They are going to make great hubbies! You can tell that their mom has raised them well. I love how gorgeous their eyes are. Thanks Jeff and Brad for being so amazing! I can't wait for our second shoot! 

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17 and CRAZY said...

Ooh! I love these! :) What cute friends I have! :) Ah. . . . I love my twins! :) Great job Shanda Lou! :)

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