Friday, May 14, 2010

Matt and Shanna Groomals-Utah Wedding Photography

I love the chemistry between these two. When I was going through the pictures I couldn't help but smile seeing how happy they are. It is amazing how people can come together through such unknown ways. I love how gorgeous these two are. They make taking pictures so easy. Shanna's dress compliments her so well. I love all the details on it and yet how timeless it is. The red lipstick is killer! I am so glad that she decided to wear it for a couple of them. I love how the red just pops with the white background, so I of course had to post that one first. Matt looked pretty killer himself in his amazing 3 piece suit. The gray totally compliments his eyes. Love it! I can't wait for their big day and to see how amazing everything turns out. You guys are too hot! Check them out. 

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Rachael said...

Fabulous work girl!

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