Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kara and Jake Wedding-Utah Wedding Photographer

The weather was so perfect for Kara and Jake's wedding. The flowers were so pretty. I loved being around both of their families and feeling so welcomed. Kara's brother and his friends were a total riot the whole night. I loved that they were wearing their sunglasses inside. We made sure to get some awesome shots of them. One of my favorite shots of them with the glasses though has to be when they all came walking outside when everyone was waiting for Kara and Jake.  I loved getting to see Kara and Jake interact with each other from afar. They have so much love for each other it radiates from them. They are such an amazing couple. I had so much fun with you guys and hope that your lives are as amazing as you are!

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Rachael said...

Love that ring shot!
You must have done this wedding around the the end of April/first of May huh? I did a wedding there May 1st and the blossoms were out like that- so pretty!

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