Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbyes-Utah Family Photography

Friendships can continue no matter how far apart you are as long as you make the effort. This adorable family is moving away from their loved ones. They are starting a new life and a new begining. Dusty, Kyle and Kaylee, we will miss you. We will cherish all the moments that we had. All the special memories that we made. You will always be with us, we will carry you in our hearts. Life gives us friends to help us along our paths. This family is one that we will cherish forever. What adorable little kids with such big personalities. It has been so fun to see them develope and grow up. I am so grateful that I was able to capture this memory for our family and Dusty. We are going to miss you guys like crazy! You guys are all loved more than you could imagine...

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Nikki Bean said...

Shanda! Your pictures are fantastic. I was doing some blog hopping and ran across your photo site. Beautiful job capturing personality and sparkle :)

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